Banning Social Media

In this season finale, we dive into a pressing issue brought to light by the recent opinion piece from the US Surgeon General: the mental health risks associated with social media use among adolescents. With shocking statistics and actionable solutions, we debate whether banning social media for those under 16 might be the necessary step to protect our youth.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The Surgeon General’s recent warning about social media and its mental health impacts on adolescents.
  • Alarming statistics on social media usage and its association with anxiety and depression in teens.
  • Proposed measures to mitigate these risks, including warning labels and restricting certain app features.
  • The idea of enforcing transparency from social media companies and independent safety audits.
  • The role of schools and parents in creating phone-free zones and monitoring social media use.
  • A controversial perspective on potentially banning social media for children under 16.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mental Health Risks: Excessive social media use doubles the risk of anxiety and depression symptoms in adolescents.
  • Body Image Issues: Nearly half of adolescents report that social media makes them feel worse about their bodies.
  • Proposed Solutions: Introducing warning labels on social media apps, restricting addictive features, and enforcing transparency and safety audits from social media companies.
  • Role of Schools and Parents: Schools should create phone-free zones, and parents should establish rules around social media use, working together to support each other.
  • Potential Ban on Social Media: Debating whether a complete ban for those under 16 might be necessary, comparing it to age restrictions on smoking, alcohol, and driving.
  • Corporate Responsibility: The need for social media companies to take accountability for their products’ impacts on mental health and to share data openly.

Join Becca and Andrew for a thought-provoking discussion as they reflect on the season, share their insights on this critical issue, and look forward to the future of “Reroute Reflections.” Don’t miss this engaging episode as we wrap up Season 1 and prepare for an exciting return in the fall.


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